On Chesil Beach (15)
6th October 2018
19:00- 22:00
Movies at St Mary's present
Based on the novella by Ian McEwan, it is the story of Florence and Edward (Saoirse Ronan and Billy Howle), young university graduates getting married in 1962. She is a talented and ambitious classical musician from a well-to-do family and he is a clever young man from humbler origins. Both have first-class degrees and, in consequence, no small opinion of themselves. The wedding night is a painful, intimately humiliating fiasco with devastating consequences.

“The soundtrack perfectly mimics the stories of our leads, with rebellious rock‘n’roll battling against plaintive chamber music. A strong directorial debut from Cooke and consummate performances from Ronan and Howle deliver a restrained yet touching adaptation of McEwan’s work, which picks apart the dizzying highs, lonely lows and the cruel what-ifs of an unfulfilled love.” The Upcoming

“Overall, this is a solid drama made from a stellar book, but if you see it even just for the two performances, you won’t be disappointed.” rogerebert.com

Tickets £5.00 in advance, Banham PO £5.50 on the door. Film Starts 19.45, join us for a pre-film meal at 19.00, £4 additional charge. Wine and other refreshments availble throughout.


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