Finding Graves at Old Buckenham Churchyard



Help in finding graves in Old Buckenham churchyard

In 1982 a survey of the graves in the churchyard at All Saints was carried out by J Pilgrim and was deposited with the Norfolk Record Office. In 2008 a team of volunteers carried out another in-depth survey covering all burials up to 1991 and cremations to April 2004.
A detailed folder of all this information has been compiled by Virgina Sullivan and is available to view in the church. 

It comprises of two parts. Part one shows the grave yard area around the church, divided and lettered from A – K together with a plot numbers. The plot number then references the name of the person in alphabetical order and where possible inscription comments are given. A separate loose leaf map is available to trace the position of a grave. (This should be returned to the chained reference folder in the church after use.)
Part two is a list of all burials and memorials inside the church and is in the back of the folder under the title of Graves, Plaques and Memorials.
Recent burials (from 1992) and cremations (after 2004) are shown separately on a plan in the vestry.
There are references from the year 1604. One recently discovered grave refers to a Captain Eyles Mounsher who as a Lieutenant in the Navy fought at the battle of Trafalgar.
It is hope that these unique records will assist the many who wish to trace their heritage back to Old Buckenham.

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