Messy Church has Happened!!



Messy Church Happened!  
On September 23rd
4pm till 6pm
After lots of preparation the Messy Team were joined by approximately 25 children with accompanying adults for St Mary's first Messy Church.  The children were quick off the mark to get their hands, arms, heads and everything else messy with buckets of paint, covering the giant tractor in an array of reds, greens, blues and blacks!  The occasional yellow was thrown in for good measure!  Wheels were fashioned along with number plates and our tractor was even given a name....."Messy Ferguson!"
After a lovely messy time a small bell was rung, laser lights lit up the chancel in an array of colours and all were called for a song and a story.  Everyone had fun choosing what we would thank God for in each verse of the song; from cheese to robots and all things inbetween.  The story was that of the sower, with real soil and excellent storytelling from Steve Egleton dressed in his farmer/scarecrow outfit.
After another song we left the chancel and gathered for our meal of hotdogs, beans and sausages, washed down with juice or tea for the adults and some lovely homebaked cakes. It was then time to finish off and tidy up and all joined in to help.  In fact everyone enjoyed themselves so much we actually finished way past 6pm. 
I think we can say that this was a resounding success and enjoyed by all, including the Team, and although exhausting well worth it to see everyone having such a good time.  The tractor remains in St Mary's for the next few weeks where we will use it's trailer to put the harvest produce during the harvest service on October 7th at 09.30.  We hope to see as many of you there as possible, both to view the "Messy Ferguson" in all it's glory and also to join us for Harvest Worship.
Thank You to everyone who attended and all those invloved in planning such a wonderful event. Looking forward to the next one on Sunday November 18th.
Enjoying Messy Church
Getting Ready

First arrivals start to get messy

We seem to have a fire!

This Autumns new scarecrow look

Messy Ferguson starts to take shape

A little tinkering under the bonnet..

Getting messier!

....and messier....

A little tweeking in the cab

Time for the story

Are you sitting comfortably?

Just about done

Does it go any faster?

Time for food
Finished at last!

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