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Quidenham is a small rural village and civil parish in the English county of Norfolk. It covers an area of 22.51 km2 (8.69 sq mi) and had a population of 576 in 183 households as of the 2001 census. For the purposes of local government, it falls within the district of Breckland.

It is situated 10 miles (16 km) north-east of the town of Thetford and 24 miles (39 km) south-west of the city of Norwich.

There is a local tradition that Queen Boadicea is buried in Quidenham. Quidenham Hall, the former seat of the Earls of Albemarle, is now a Carmelite nunnery and hospice for children.


Rectors of Quidenham

Will. de Swannington, rector, sold to Thomas, son of Will. de Hakeford, Knt. Walter, William, and Alice, children of Ralf Dod, (who were his villeins,) with their families.
1274, Sir Will. de Eleford, rector.
1285, Tho. de Hastynges, rector.
1305, 3 kal. March, Will. de Eleford. Miles, son of Phillip de Hastyngs.
1334, non. Jan. John Jordan, of Grafham, clerk. Maud, late wife of Miles de Hastynges.
1375, 16 Sept. Sir James de Heyham, priest. Sir John de Herling, Knt.
1400, 9 Nov. John Maundeville, shaveling. Margaret Tuddenham, late wife of John de Herling.
1400, 19 March, John, son of John Balie of Blithe, shaveling, on Maundevile's resignation. Ditto.
1401, 20 Octob. Tho. Maundeville, priest. Ditto.
1410, 8 Feb. Edmund Hemgrave, shaveling. Ditto.
1411, 5 June, John Joy of Lutcham, priest, on Hemgrave's resignation. Ditto.
1434, 14 March, Laurence Gerrard, priest, on Joy's death. John Fitz-Rauff, Oliver Groos, Esqrs. John Kirtling, clerk, and John Intewode, feoffees of Sir Robert Herling, in Quidenham manor.
1448, 1 Dec. Ralf Wode, on Gerard's resignation. Sir John Fastolf, Knt. feoffee.
John Sterre, on whose death, in
1465, 4 Aug. John Caundyssh succeeded. Robert Wingfield and Anne his wife.
1504, 5 Nov. John Butler, A.M. on Caundyssh's death. Lady Margaret Bedingfield, James Hobart, and Tim. Bachcroft.
1544, 5 June, John Reder, chaplain, on Butler's death. John Bedingfield, Esq.
1560, 6 July, Tho. Davye, priest, on Reder's death. John Sulyard and Alice his wife.
1570, 7 Dec. Rob. Newsham. John Sulyard, Knt.
1579, 28 July, Robert Downes, A.M. by lapse.
1580, 27 April, Thomas Richards, on Downe's resignation. The Bishop collated by consent of Bedingfield, the patron.
1583, 27 Nov. John Dalton, on Richard's resignation. Lapse.
1584, 8 June, Daniel Reeve, on Dalton's resignation. The Bishop, by consent of Humphrey Bedingfield, Esq. patron.
1603, Daniel Reeve, D.D. and rector of Banham, returned in his answer, that the e were 80 communicants here. Henry Bedingfield, patron.
1621, William Wood, clerk.
1636, 16 Nov. Henry Sulyard, A.M. on Wood's resignation. John Holland, Bart. He held it united to Tostock in Suffolk.
1668, 15 October, Arthur Womack, clerk. Ditto.
1685. Will. Bosworth, A.M. on Womack's death. Ditto. United to Icklingham St. James.
1705, 8 Febr. James Baldwin, A.M. on Bosworth's death. Sir John Holland, Bart. He held it with Icklingham St. James; resigned June 24, 1731.
1731, The Rev. Mr. John Hull, the present [1736] rector. Isabella-Diana and Charlotte Holland, sisters and heiresses of Sir William Holland, Bart.; the patronesses, are ladies of the manor, and owners of the whole town.

(From: 'Hundred of Giltcross: Quidenham', An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: volume 1 (1805), pp. 333-344. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=77121 )

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