Restoration 2017 pictures


Here are some pictures of the work in progress, together with some from the various heritage days we've been having.

Here, one of our church members has a go:

they were doing the same inside the tower staircase too

and with the butresses 'stitched on' again it looks like this:

Meanwhile, at the other end, the cracks in the window were being taken care of:

The glass had gone to a workshop to be repaired and cleaned. We went to have a look.

Some of us even had a go at cutting glass and welding lead

Meanwhile, the East window wall was being rebuilt (in part)

And having rebuilt the flint, this is just before they replace the lead flashing and top stones:

Besides the tower butresses falling off, and the window falling out, there were drains that didn't drain:

All this practical work is funded mostly by the Heritage Lottery Fund, without which this would be impossible for us. One of the conditions of the grant is that we must hold events and do things which will attract people to see the heritage they are preserving - well, of course, we ALWAYS want to attract people to our Christian heritage so this was a wonderful catalyst to do more about it than we have been used to doing.

So we had a Bat Night - although the vicar was getting excited at the idea of everyone coming dressed with capes and masks and such like, such a party atmosphere would have disturbed the bats. We're hoping to have another bat night this summer too.

they are so cute, and so small!

And we had bells workshops

As well as heritage days we have a heritage film project which the young people at the Youth Cafe are working on

A wood carving day

Here's one page of our woodcarving day treasure hunt:

So now you'll know what to look for when you visit.

At the time of writing we still have a number of 'heritage days' in the pipeline:

6th May - Part of the heritage of the church is charitable work so we have a Dementia Awareness speaker coming to help us to help others, as well as a fundraiser for Christian Aid.

4th June - Music is a feature of our worship and we have a behind the scenes look at our own church organ before a tour of Geoff's 'organ barn' where we can see how pipe organs are made and how they work.

1st July - Christian artwork in textiles are displayed and explained by an experienced ecclesiastical embroidery repair expert.

5th August - we're hoping for another bat night.

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